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Cyan Worlds has launched a Kickstarter campaign in honor of Myst's 25th anniversary, the legendary puzzle game originating in the '90's, in hopes of re-releasing the game's entire collection with some added benefits.

The collection would bring all seven Myst games together for the first time, including all of the releases below:

  • Myst (1993)

  • Riven: The Sequel to Myst (1997)

  • RealMyst: Interactive 3D Edition (2000)

  • Myst 3: Exile (2001)

  • Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (2003)

  • Myst 4: Revelation (2004)

  • Myst 5: End of Ages (2005)

That would certainly be quite a collection and, at the time of this writing, it appears that the original Kickstarter campaign goal of $247,500 has already almost quadrupled its goal at almost $900,000 with 5,606 backers and still 37 days to go.

Cyan stated on the Kickstarter page:

"Behind the scenes, we've been working to procure the legal rights to make all of the Myst games available. As an indie developer, resources are limited for development, and acquiring these rights isn't always an option. But we've finally managed to talk with all the right people in all the right places to garner fundds to make it happen! With the needed agreements secured, we're delighted to present the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection, featuring all seven titles in the Myst series!"

With the help of, all games listed in the Myst collection have been upgraded to run on Windows 10, however Mac releases have not yet been announced.

"For various reasons, maintaining some of those Mac titles now means rebuilding them from scratch, an option that, as a small indie studio, takes time or resources we just don't have. And for games that were produced by other studios, even that option may not be possible."

The most notable rewards of the Kickstarter campaign include The Linking Book, available for a $169 pledge in the Maintainer tier, you'll receive both physical and digital copies of a working Myst book with an LCD linking panel. The panel displays the iconic Myst flybys from all of the games in the collection and some additional goodies if you plug a USB cable into it.

The Linking Book

The $250 tier, Writer, will give you everything from the Maintainer tier above including an exclusive artifact from Riven, a meticulously recreated version of Gehn's pen and beetle inkwell.

Inkwell pen of Gehn

And the $1,000 "Collector" tier includes something very special: one of the 25 original, hand-drawn pieces of art from the development of Riven, many of which have never been publicly seen or released.

UPDATE: The Collector tier has already received its max of 25 backers in the campaign and is no longer available for purchase.

Riven unreleased sketches

That's definitely something to sink your teeth into and, even though the Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal over a few times, it's still worth supporting the release, even if you can only spare a few bucks. It's great to see these games return and going to be a lot of fun playing through them all again once the collection is released.

You can check out the full details of the Myst Kickstarter campaign here. A release date for the entire collection has not yet been announced since the Kickstarter campaign is still on-going, but we will keep you posted as new updates surface!
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