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Dreaming Sarah is a puzzle platformer with some Metroidvania elements that you can find on Steam for $0.59 until April 2nd. I decided to skip the usual weekly and focus on doing a full playthrough of this that you can watch it on my YouTube or Twitch channels.

Dreaming Sarah, developed by Andre Chagas Silva and Anthony Septim, and published by Asteristic Game Studio, is a fun-filled puzzle platform I had a lot of fun with; what turned into testing it out quickly led to a full playthrough. The gameplay is unique as I went into it thinking it was just a platformer but quickly noticed the puzzle and Metroidvania aspects. The music is absolutely beautiful to listen to, and I highly recommend you listen to it even if you pass on playing this game.

For a small game like this, I was impressed with the artwork as the pixel art is top notch and appealing to the eyes. The only minor complaints I have is that the game can be buggy at certain points when switching items and backtracking can get quite annoying despite how small the game actually is.

Dreaming Sarah screenshot

While Dreaming Sarah does not have a coherent story, the characters you meet along the way are charming and weird enough to grow on you. In my complete playthrough of Dreaming Sarah, it took me right around two hours to complete even with getting lost and figuring out puzzles. I would not let the short game time scare you away; if you're a fan of indie games, then this is well worth your time.

Let me know in the comment section if you would like to see more reviews like this; I might start doing the weekly article every other week to concentrate on a specific title. A gentle reminder that Steam reviews and word of mouth go a long way for helping out small indie developers. If you like this game be sure to let your friends know!

Dreaming Sarah is available on Steam for $0.59 until April 2, so make sure to pick up a copy. You can also get a copy of the game by visiting the Xbox One store.

Thanks for reading and as always, Happy gaming!
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