Amazon Reportedly Dropping $1 Billion to Create a 'Game of Thrones' Rival

Three Body Problem

The online retail giant, Amazon, is reportedly adding another potentially massive asset to its catalog, which will cost them a smooth $1 billion.

According to a report from Gizmodo, Amazon is currently in talks to adapt the popular Chinese book series The Three-Body Problem, into a three-season television series.

The acquisition appears to be a step forward for Amazon to compete with HBO and their wildly successful Game of Thrones series, created and written by George R.R. Martin, as well as Netflix's Original shows. As long as the TV series is done right, which I imagine it will be, this will be a giant step for Amazon into the TV industry, rather than just TV series and episode sales.

The Three-Body Problem is a sci-fi novel created by Liu Cixin back in 2008, set in China where aliens are getting ready to invade Earth. The novel was both a best-seller and critical success, earning Cixin a Hugo Award and many other literary prizes. Former President Barack Obama even had praise for the story, stating it was "just wildly imaginative" and "really interesting."

No word on when this TV series is supposed to arrive, however Game of Thrones last season is set to debut in 2019. If Amazon plays their cards right, they may be able to slip right in for the next fantastic TV series slot and become a huge success.
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