Sonic fans rejoice! Sonic Mania Plus announced for this summer

Sonic Mania

Sega recently introduced the updated version of Sonic Mania with a release set for sometime this summer. It will have two brand new characters to play as and a new Encore mode that changes acts to make it feel like a unique experience for veterans.

A surprising announcement to be sure, we will be seeing more of the greatly received modern classic Sonic Mania that was released last year. The addition of two new characters and an Encore mode gives Sonic fans a lot to be excited about. Great news for any collectors out there as Sonic Mania Plus will be getting a physical release unlike the original version of the game. With it will be a 32-page art book, a holographic slipcover, and best of all a reversible sleeve to make it look like a Genesis box.

If there are any Euro readers, no need to fret! The Euro release will see a reversible sleeve with mega drive instead of Genesis. All of this content can be yours for the price of $29.99 this summer for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Did you play the original Sonic Mania or would this be your first introduction to it? Feel free to let us know if you plan to get this on release. I am very excited for this myself and plan on trying to get a physical copy, here is hoping that they stay in stock!
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