Let’s look at Rex: Another Island for Indie Game Spotlight

Rex: Another Island screenshot

Developed by Shysaursoft with music by Peter Gresser (Reimagine: The Game), Rex: Another Island is a fun retro platformer with a hint of collect-a-thon mixed in that can be as easy or hard as you want it to be.

Rex: Another Island was a joy to play from start to finish, a rare occurrence these days for video games. It is rather simple, but that's the charm in the game, it's just about having fun. The checkpoint system is well thought out and at no time does it feel unfair about the placements of them. You can collect magic coins and jewels in the game, both net you a unique ending if you collect them all.

What I really like about it though is that the collecting is completely optional; if it's too difficult for a player to get everything they can, simply skip it to get the normal ending. The music is phenomenal and greatly enhances the platforming experience; it's hard to get frustrated when you hear such beautiful tracks. The game also gets bonus points for having the dinosaur you play as purple/pink, my 16-month-old daughter loves Barney and liked watching me play because of the slight resemblance.

Rex: Another Island map screen

I hope this is only the beginning of games from developer Shysaursoft as the simple design mixed with tight controls makes for a fantastic platforming experience. I highly recommend anyone with a love for retro games or precise platforming pick this game up. Whether you get it in the bundle or buy it on Steam, be sure to leave a review of your thoughts on it! If you love it, then this is one of the best ways you can help out, and if you do not, then that helps potential buyers decide as well.

While it has a short play time, it is well worth the measly asking price of $2.99. It is available on steam or part of a bundle on Indie Gala for just under two more weeks.

I want to give a quick shout out to my cousin (@DustiniusMaxim on Twitter) for generously gifting me a copy of the game.
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