Chessaria is a New Tactics Chess Game from Pixel Wizards

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In this article, we take a look at Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure which released on March 8th, 2018 on Steam. Initially, a Kickstarter campaign for the game was held back in 2016 and was greenlit by the steam community back when greenlight still existed.

I only found out about Chessaria recently, but I thought it was a good excuse to get back into chess. To be upfront about what modes I tried, it was all adventure mode other than a couple of quick plays with the computer. The graphics look really nice, and the attack animations are a nice touch. It does a good job of having the music make you feel as if you are in an actual fantasy setting, so that is a definite plus for me. If only I were better at chess, I would have tried to complete the adventure mode before reviewing it, but I enjoyed my time with it. The little tasks that you get in each adventure match add just enough additional content to keep you pushing forward.

Now that we have most of the good out of the way, I would like to mention a few complaints. My biggest is that the voice acting can be pretty hit or miss at times, although it is not terrible enough to be considered bad it can be off-putting. If you're a controller user, you might experience the same problem I did with distinguishing what option you were on in menus. For example, I couldn't tell if I was selecting to retry a level or keep in the current match. In my three hours with the game, I had three crashes, two when I was trying to stream/record video and once while just playing the game. Fair warning that my set up is somewhat old compared to most gaming PCs so this could just be because of my outdated hardware, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

Pixel Wizards has made a fun chess experience with this, and I would recommend it to any chess lovers. If you're a more casual fan, I might suggest waiting to get it though. If you're more of a visual person when it comes to impressions, you can watch the announce trailer below. You can purchase a copy of Chessaria on Steam for $24.99.

I hope you enjoyed the review! Expect more reviews to come in the future! I will still cover gaming news, but I will mix in some game reviews as well. Thank you so much to Pixel Wizards for the review copy, I wish your whole team success with Chessaria and to whatever the future might hold. This being my first review outside of my weekly special, feel free to mention anything you may have wanted to know about the game that I did not cover in the comments below.

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