Square Enix does a surprise release of Chrono Trigger on Steam

Chrono Trigger fan art

Chrono Trigger was released by Square Enix at the cost of $14.99 and features the new content from the 2008 DS re-release. Be warned that this is a port of the phone version, as stated by the developer of LOVE and Kuso.

I want to be honest at the start of this and state how excited I was when I first saw the announcement, Chrono Trigger released on Steam with all of the updated content from the 2008 DS version. It sounded awesome, and I jumped on the hype train instantly. The dead man switch quickly activated when I noticed Fred Wood, the creator of LOVE and Kuso, tweeted out his experience of purchasing and starting up the game.

As you can see below in his Tweet thread, it was revealed that this is just a port of the phone version of the game:

We should all thank Mr. Wood for finding out this info for us, so we don't have to. I know this article sounds incredibly negative, but it feels warranted with how big of a letdown this announcement quickly became. I mean no offense to anyone who is still interested in purchasing the Steam version of Chrono Trigger, it simply just is not for me.

Now that you know my thoughts, I will finish this off with some more information on the Steam version. The features on Steam include achievements, trading cards, partial controller support, and Steam cloud saving.

Are you still interested in the Steam release or does this info also dissuade you from purchasing it? Feel free to express your thoughts below in the comment section.

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