Half-Life 3 Is Not Real But Gordon Freeman Riding Chocobos Is

Final Fantasy XV Windows

Square Enix announced that if you pre-purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before March 1st, 2018, you will receive the Half-Life pack that includes Gordon Freeman’s suit, glasses, and crowbar.

The long-awaited PC port of Final Fantasy XV is nearly here, and Square Enix sweetened the deal even further for Steam users. As long as you purchase the game before the 1st of March 2018, a pre-purchase bonus will be included called Half-Life pack. Within this pack are Gordon Freeman's (The protagonist of the Half-Life series, for those who have not played it) suit, scientist glasses, and crowbar.

In addition to this, another pre-purchase bonus has already been announced as a pre-purchase bonus on Steam called the fashion collection, a set of t-shirts for Noctis that gives various buffs to his stats. If you plan on purchasing the PC edition elsewhere, you will not receive the Half-Life pack, but I will list the other pre-purchase bonuses you can get.

On EA's Origin platform, the pre-purchase bonus is a decal pack for use on the Regalia (your in-game car). Microsoft Store is also offering a pre-purchase reward that nets you the power-up back, the contents being the Dodanuki sword, ten Phoenix Downs, and ten Elixirs.

If you want to see if your PC can handle Final Fantasy Windows Edition, there's a benchmark out now to see how it would run on your set up. I haven't tried out the benchmark yet because my PC is older and I'm pretty sure I would not meet the minimum specs.

If you're in the same situation as me, Square Enix is offering an alternative to the PC version titled Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Royal edition includes all of the same content featured in the Windows Edition, while also releasing on the same day.

Do you see yourself pre-purchasing the Windows Edition for the Gordon Freeman skin or have you already played through the game and all of its DLC's? I personally plan on getting at least the Royal Edition eventually since I only played through the base game. I'd love to hear any of your thoughts about the Windows Edition that you might have.

The official release of the PC version is set for March 6th, 2018.
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