Burnout Paradise Remastered Announced by EA

Burnout Paradise Remastered

EA announced today that they'd be remastering Burnout Paradise in 4K, 60 FPS. Be warned that the wording almost sounds like it will only run at these numbers on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Great news for fans of Criterion’s racing series Burnout! After no main series games for ten years, EA has announced that Burnout Paradise Remastered.

The original soundtrack will be included as well as the eight DLCs that were released for the original game. EA also announced that it would be capable of running in 4K, 60 FPS but there is a possibility that it will only be available for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X users.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, it's best known for its crash mode and giving players in-game rewards for taking risks opposed to the standard racing formula. Burnout Paradise also features open world gameplay, a first in the series.

After looking on Twitter to see how people were reacting to the announcement, it was quite noticeable to me that no decision for a Nintendo Switch version has created disappointment and frustration amongst users of the console. I personally never played any of the Burnout games, but this seems like a great place to jump in with the updated graphics and inclusion of all previous DLC's.

My only complaint is that it will be exclusive to Origin with the PC release, I would much rather have it on Steam as that is where I and probably the majority of PC users play most of their games on. Perhaps this could only be the beginning of remasters for the series if sales end up pleasing EA, time will tell.

You can pre-order it now on PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One / Xbox One X with a release set for March 16th, 2018. The PC release has no official date yet but will be exclusive to EA's Origin platform later this year.

Are you excited for this remaster or have you had your fill of the series? Are you in the same boat as me where this would be your first time playing a Burnout title? We would love to see your thoughts and reactions to all of these questions or any others you might have.

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