Steam's Lunar New Year Sale Edition: Historically Low Prices

Steam Lunar New Year sale

All of these deals are currently happening during the Steam Lunar New Year sale that runs until February 19th. Everything you see here is at its historic low according to SteamDB. I will spotlight some but as there are a lot of games listed I will not review all of them. Happy gaming!

The way I'm going to list the games is by tiers. $1-3 will be the low-tier, $3-5 will be the mid-tier, and $5+ will be the high tier. I figured listing them this way would help you decide based on a budget, so you don't end up disappointed if something is out of your price range.


Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project ($1.49) is a game I haven't technically played. It's the free version that's four stories and some additional features that I tried out. From the 20 minutes I spent with it I was able to beat chapter 1 of the first game. Right off the bat, you can tell it's going to be a sad story backed up by the hauntingly sad music that plays as the story unfolds.

If you're a fan of visual novels or story driven games, I would recommend it. I haven't read a ton of visual novels, but I would say I am a casual fan of them for reference. If your budget is too tight to make a purchase, but you're interested, feel free to play the free version to get your feet wet. I plan on purchasing this to support the developer and get the additional stories.

I did a similar thing for Emily Is Away Too ($1.99) that I did with Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project,.
Instead of playing the actual game I played the free version. In this case, the free version is the first game with Emily Is Away Too being the sequel. With all of this factored in, I can't actually tell you if Emily Is Away Too is a good game but I can tell you that the first one is.

It made me feel very nostalgic for the days of using AIM to talk with friends and crushes. It plays like a desktop simulator with AIM running on it. If I had to classify it, I would call it a visual novel. The story and outcome changes depending on the choices you make, which gives you a reason to go back and try to get all the endings. I am heavily considering purchasing this sequel after playing the first game, and I think you might as well. So ultimately, try out the first game as I did before buying the sequel.

I played Ghoulboy ($1.99) after Emily Is Away, and I must say that it made me feel better after getting the feels. I would say that this is a mix somewhere between Castlevania and Ghost N’ Goblins. That is not to say that it is as hard as either of those games. If you're looking for a challenging game, then this might leave you feeling disappointed. I went into it not expecting much, and I was happily surprised by what I found. I dug the art style, and I think you will too if you like the classic arcade or NES games. The gameplay is pretty simple but fun, the only real downside being that the controls can feel finicky at times. The music is not anything special but it fits the game well enough to not be a negative.

I got this game in a bundle and played it for 30 minutes. I would only recommend this if you need something new now and this gets check marks on all your requirements. Otherwise, it is still worth playing but maybe wait to see if it gets re-bundled.

  • Dex $1.99 Pretty much a 2D Deus Ex game.

  • The Count Lucanor $1.99 Pixel adventure inspired by Zelda and Silent Hill, looks spooky.

  • Danmaku Unlimited 3 $2.99 Shmup, note if you're interested but want to save money Danmaku Unlimited 2 is matching its current lowest price of $0.99.

  • The Vagrant $1.99 Seems like a budget Odin Sphere / Dragon's Crown game, not bad for the price.

  • Riptale $2.99 Roguelike with graphics that remind me of Downwell.

  • Lil Tanks $1.99 Shmup but with tanks.

  • Q-YO Blaster $2.39 Shmup with pretty artwork.

  • Bullet Party $1.05 Co-op Shmup.

  • Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend $2.99 2D fighter, cheap because newer games are out in the series but still fun to play the story.

  • Postal Redux $1.34 Isometric action title, cult classic series.

  • Blazblue Calamity Trigger $1.49 2D Fighter, Fun story

  • Will Glow the Wisp $1.59 Arcade bullet hell

  • Dragonpath $1.59 Top-down hack n' slash

  • Life on Mars Remake $1.59 Fun looking Metroidvania

  • Idioctopus $1.39 Funny concept for a Puzzle game

  • The Weaponographist $1.99 Think Smash TV, Arcade game

  • Just Deserts $2.49 Pretty Visual Novel

  • FallenCore $2.09 Underrated 2D platformer

  • Hyperun $2.99 Bike arcade racer, graphics look cool

  • Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion $1.49 Choose your own adventure set in the Warhammer universe

  • Don't open the doors! $2.39 Isometric action adventure game

  • Lichtspeer $2.99 Lightspear-throwing simulator, looks addicting

  • forma.8 $2.99 Experimental Metroidvania

  • The Forest of Doom $1.49 Choose your own adventure game

Emily Is Away Too


  • Wuppo ($3.74) was a game I had on my wishlist for quite a while before getting, but I am glad I did. I spent about 30 minutes with it and enjoyed learning how the mechanics worked. The art style reminds me of Yoshi’s Island in a way, a definite plus in my book. Where the game shines the brightest is in its humor, interacting with characters in the game left me with a smile on my face nearly every time. It is a Metroidvania, but I would probably describe it as Metroidvania-lite. I only fought the first boss, but it was very manageable on normal difficulty. If you're looking for something to make you laugh or just something cute to make you smile, consider picking this up during the sale.

    • Peregrin $3.74 Puzzle Adventure game

    • Soda Girls $3.59 EA Beat 'em up

    • Typoman $4.54 Word platformer puzzle game, kind of looks like Limbo

    • Conga Master $3.39 Party music game

    • Super Stone Legacy $4.49 Hack n' Slash action RPG

    • Hanako: Honor and Blade $3.49 EA Multiplayer only action title, if you like samurai type games this might be worth checking out

    • Bullet Soul $3.74 Anime Shmup

    • AngerForce - Reloaded Sort of looks like a western Shmup



    I had a blast with Moon Hunters ($5.99) even though I only got to try out the single player. It seems that it would be a great game to play with friends as it supports up to three additional players. What I really liked about it was the art and music. Both were absolutely gorgeous and made my 30 minutes with it a real treat. I definitely didn't want to quit playing it, but I had to limit myself in order to review other games.

    The story is a mystery of sorts that you uncover the more you replay the game, which I thought was an interesting design choice that I did not have the time to explore thoroughly. I would recommend purchasing this if it's within your budget and you have friends to play it with. If you're a sucker for story-driven action RPGs like I am, you might even want it just for the single player.

    • Disgaea $6.74 Barely played the pc port but loved it on PS2 back in the day, Strategy RPG

    • Phantom Brave $6.74 Always wanted to try this one out, published by the same company as Disgaea as well as same genre

    • Samurai Riot $8.99 Cool art style for a beat 'em up

    • Charlie Murder $5.99 Punk Rock Beat ‘em up


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