Darron's Weekly: Steam's Lunar New Year Sale Special Edition

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This week is filled with so many hidden gems that I wanted to bring you a much bigger list then you might be used to. All games listed are their historical lows in pricing. I've tried the spotlighted game, but the rest will be suggestions based on positive reviews and my interest in playing them.


Super Win the Game is the sequel to You Have to Win the Game, which I also highly recommend to anyone with a Steam account as it's free. The overworld reminded me of Zelda 2, which may or may not be a good thing for some people. If I had to pick two things about Super Win the Game that made me want to play it, it would have to be the platforming and the collecting. It really scratched my retro game itch with its visuals and music style. With it coming in at only $0.79, you can't beat that kind of value, especially if you're a fan of older platformers.

Prompt ($0.49) Looks to be a precise platformer with good reviews. Cargo Commander ($0.59) Complex but fun looking puzzle platformer. The Last Tree ($0.59) Adventure platformer with an interesting goal.

Arcade / Shmups

Cooking Witch ($0.49) Seems to be pretty simple but looks fun for the price point. Dungeon’s Barrage ($0.49) A bit of a mix between arcade, run-and-gun, and shmup.

Action / Metroidvania

A Bloody Night ($0.49) An action game with platforming mixed in. Nakawak ($0.98) A short but fun looking Metroidvania.


Solenar’s Edge Rebirth ($0.89) Interesting looking RPG if you’re into these kinds of games. Kio’s Adventure ($0.99) Scary looking horror game made in RPGMaker. Restoration ($0.89) Made by the same developer as Solenar’s Edge Rebirth. Tales of Winds: Tomb of the Sol Empire ($0.99) Pretty watercolors in this RPG.

Tower Defense / FPS / Fighting

Fieldrunners 2 ($0.99) A bit generic looking but seems like a fun time. Jetman Go ($0.79) Multiplayer only FPS that could be fun with friends. Kiai Resonance ($0.49) Beautiful 2d Fighting game. Yet Another Zombie Defense HD ($0.99) Could be a fun tower defense game with friends.

Visual Novel / Puzzle / Card

Highway Blossoms ($0.99) Cute looking visual novel game that seems worth it at this price. Royal Casino: Video Poker ($0.59) Decent looking card game if you need a poker fix.
The Quarter ($0.49, sadly not a quarter) A hybrid of Visual Novel and Hack N’ Slash gameplay. Sudoku Universe ($0.99) Including this mainly for my dad (Hi dad!) because he is a big Sudoku fan though I am sure any fans of it would enjoy this.

Thanks to the site and third-party tool SteamDB for price referencing, I could not recommend the site enough. It has a lot of great info for Steam users, with one of my favorites being information on Steam bundles. I hope this list helps you decide on a new game that will not break the budget.

The sale ends February 19th, so hurry up and grab your copies. Happy gaming!
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