THQ Nordic Buys Publisher Deep Silver for $149 Million

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In a move that brings Saints Row back to THQ, THQ Nordic now owns the rights to franchises such as Saints Row, Dead Island, and Metro. The deal was for Koch Media, which is the parent company of Deep Silver.

In recent time, THQ Nordic is best known for being the publisher of the upcoming Darksiders 3 and for releasing a new expansion of the popular title Titan Quest after a ten-year gap. This shouldn't change much with Metro Exodus as it's believed to be nearly complete at this point.

The move has no restructuring or cost-saving programs planned meaning there should be no layoffs at Koch Media or Deep Silver. The total number of combined game developmental projects is 50, 36 by THQ Nordic and 14 by Koch Media. With this acquisition THQ Nordic’s Intellectual Properties total is pushed to 106, they had 91 before doing so.

I had a feeling something was going to happen to Deep Silver after some questionable decisions including the rushed release of Homefront: The Revolution led to a buggy mess. Maybe this will be for the best as THQ Nordic has had a lot of success in recent time and showed that they care about quality.

Do you see this news sparking new life into existing IPs that have performed at a disappointing rate or merely the beginning of the end for Deep Silver moving forward? We would love to hear what you think in the comment section below.
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