Neil Cicierega's 'Monster Breeder' is Strangely Addicting

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Monster Breeder is an in-browser game that plays like a choose your own adventure or text adventure mixed with the addictiveness of monster catching and breeding. A very simple game yet somehow it draws your attention by wanting to see what new combinations of monster hybrids you can make next.

When I first started playing, I thought the idea was neat, and the music was cool but didn't think it would hold my attention for much longer than a few minutes. Once I started to catch monsters and see the different hybrids you could make though, I was hooked. The breeding done in the game almost reminds me of the Dragon Quest monsters series or even the Monster Rancher series. I can't express the joy it brings from breeding monsters such as Cookie Monster with Michael Myers or Leatherface with Pennywise.

If you're looking for something to kill time with, this is a perfect option, as you can save your progress and come back to it at a later time. The only reason I stopped playing was that I got busted by the feds for selling without a monster license. It was my own fault for not asking if they were a cop or not.

Monster Breeder

You can buy upgrades with the money you get from selling monster hybrids, be it better equipment to catch otherwise unobtainable monsters or bigger trucks to be able to haul back bigger monsters to your ranch. The only issue I had when playing was that it could be quite difficult to figure out what monsters people on the phone are asking to buy if you have bred a lot at one time. I believe you get three tries at guessing which ones they mean from some clues they give you before they give up.

It amazes me how creative people like Mr. Cicierega can be to turn a simple idea of monster breeding into a full blown game on the internet for everyone to play. Are you someone who enjoys monster catching or breeding games? Be sure to check this one out if you are, as it is completely free.

Down below will be a link to the game so you can enjoy it yourself if you so wish, let us know if you try it out and like it and be sure to share some of your hilarious Monster Hybrid creations as there are over 900 in the game!

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