I Can’t Stop Watching 'Celeste' Streams on Twitch

Celeste game art

Celeste is a tough but fair pixel platformer released on January 25, 2018, that has you help a girl named Madeline fight her inner demons as she journeys her way to the top of Celeste Mountain.

To be honest, I thought Celeste was just a prettier Super Meat Boy when I saw the preview screenshots of it. Something about the game drew me in though upon release, and I wanted to learn more about it, so in my recent insomnia filled nights I decided to give it a shot on Twitch. To my delight it was like a switch flipped in my brain, it was nothing like I had imagined it to be. It didn't feel like a clone of other games; it felt new and original. The music was not stressful at all but instead peaceful and beautiful to listen to.

From the screenshots, I imagined it would be like most other platformers where the story is thrown out for more focus on precise controls and gameplay, however from the streams I have watched the story is very endearing and makes you interested in the outcome all while making your way up a challenging mountainside.

Celeste game screenshot

One of the streamers I enjoyed watching the most play through the game was Vellhart. He's very good at platformers and games in general. I highly recommend you give him a follow and check out his regular broadcast sometime, as anything he plays is undoubtedly a fun watch. If you're more interested in the speedrunning side of things, maybe consider watching Spikevegeta as his friends and him have been racing the game quite a bit lately.

I hope to pick up Celeste myself very soon. I keep joking with my wife that my daughter is going to purchase it accidentally. If you want to pick it up for yourself, it's out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $19.99.

Are you on the fence about it? Maybe watching gameplay will change your mind as well. Let us know your thoughts either way in the comments below.
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