Gamer Stripped of 35-Year Record Holder Title

Dragster Atari 2600 screenshot

One gamer held the longest-standing record in video game history, but now he's been stripped of his title after his score was proven technically impossible to achieve.

Todd Rogers has been the record holder of the Atari 2600 game Dragster since 1982, making it the longest-standing gaming record of all time. However, new evidence has surfaced proving his score of 5.51 seconds was impossible to achieve.

Twin Galaxies, the official home of gaming world records and player rankings, confirmed the collected data:

"The presented software analysis model confirmed that achieving score times less than 5.57 seconds [in Dragster] is not possible under standard and normal play conditions. Beyond the software analysis evidence, which speaks directly to Todd Rogers' Dragster 5.51 score time, this dispute case has collected a significant amount of circumstantial evidence as that extends well beyond Todd’s single score performance. We have evaluated this evidence carefully and found it to be compelling and relevant."

Coincidentally, the closest that anyone has ever come to beating Rogers' score was Omnigamer's run (see below) for the perfect and best score possible, 5.57 seconds.

Twin Galaxies notified Guinness World Records of their decision to remove Rogers' from their hall of fame, but Guinness has yet to comment on whether they are going to take action or not. Rogers was recognized by Guinness for having the long-running score in 2001 and said that his score was confirmed by Activision, the publisher of the game.

As of today, Rogers has been struck from every record in the Twin Galaxies database and banned from their site for life.
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