Microsoft Just Made Xbox Game Pass Worth Subscribing To

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With Xbox game pass being available in 40 countries, owners of an Xbox One around the world have a lot to be excited about with the news from today.

Originally the service was launched June 2017 as almost a gaming version of Netflix with the ability to download over 100 games from a select catalog. What makes it different from PlayStation Now, a service offered by Sony where you stream games to your PlayStation 4, is that you download the games to your console which makes it easier on gamers who may have slower connections that do not meet the requirements of PlayStation Now.

Executive Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer wrote a blog post announcing the inclusion of Microsoft Studios games to the service, the most exciting aspect being all future releases from the studio are to be added into the subscription cost. Some examples of announced games that will be in the service are Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3 (If it gets released, announced back at E3 2014).

The unknown future releases are even more exciting as it means future Halo, Gears of War, and Forza games will be available to play with a $9.99 a month subscription after a 14-day trial. Along with this Mr. Spencer also announced that Microsoft would be working with retailers to make a 6-month subscription card that will retail for $59.99.

I was on the fence myself about getting Xbox game pass, but now I think it will be worth getting. Were you surprised by this announcement? You are welcome to share your opinions on this move and how you see this working out for Microsoft in the comment section.
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