Nintendo Hires Ojiro 'Moppin' Fumoto, Creator of Downwell

Downwell screenshot

Indie developer and creator of Downwell, Ojiro 'Moppin' Fumoto gets hired on at Nintendo, opening up new possibilities for development with the video game giant.

Fumoto was the creator of the indie game, Downwell, initially released for Windows and iOS, a small game about falling through a procedurally generated well while fighting enemies and collecting gems to purchase upgrades. The game was later released to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Android devices.

Downwell was an unexpected success, 84/100 on Metacritic for Windows, coming from an unknown developer at the time. The game was published by Devolver, who first showed interest in doing so when they saw a GIF of the game on Twitter. Mr. Fumoto was asked in an interview when he first started to make video games, he stated:

"Braid and Super Meat Boy - those days when indie games got super popular. I’ve been playing games since then. I was even playing Cave Story and stuff before then. I’ve always loved indie games and dreamed of making games for myself. But I always imagined that programming would be way too hard for me."

Mr. Fumoto broke the news on his Twitter account. The tweet translates to "I got a job at Nintendo, I’ll do my best."

Now working at Nintendo, the possibilities seem endless. I cannot wait to see what kind of video games are on the horizon because of this news. We have seen what's possible with a small game like Downwell, so the future opportunity for a big budget game coming from Mr. Fumoto makes me even more hopeful for what's to come for the Switch or 3DS moving forward.

Does Nintendo hiring an indie developer feel like a step in the right direction or is it a step back? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments below.
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