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Flixable removes the frustration of Netflix's overwhelming interface and search navigation by grouping its categories and content listings in a much cleaner way.

If you've ever been frustrated by Netflix's interface and search navigation, you're not alone. The streaming service has an overwhelming amount of choices and movie categories, and they always seem to change regularly. Now there's a website that makes finding movies on Netflix easier.

Ville Salminen, who goes by CrazedEli on Reddit, found a demand for a new Netflix interface after reading Redditor's frustrations online. After some thought and hard work, he created the website Flixable which is basically a search engine for Netflix. Salminen told Mashable in an interview that he built the site as a hobby but became inspired once he realized how frustrated people were with the streaming service's interface.

Why doesn't netflix have a decent way to browse content? I feel like i'm fairly stuck with the 50-100 titles shown to me on the homescreen, why can't I browse their thousands of titles that they do they have outside of a search bar? why do I have to know the shows name to find it? from netflix

Flixable works in a variety of ways, including having the ability the ability to search by movie or TV show title at the top of the page, browsing titles by genre, IMDB rating, and release year, and also groups items that will be arriving at Netflix soon by date.

Although it may not seem like it's all that different from Netflix's current user interface by the first read, I took some time to move around the site a bit and was amazed at how much easier it is to find something to watch, especially compared to Netflix's Roku interface.

Salminen says he created a similar website back in 2014 called AllFlicks, now known as ReelGood, which he mentioned became "surprising popular." He's currently in talks with Hulu's representative about working on a similar site for their streaming service, despite their current plans on re-creating their current interface.

Flixable currently only catalogs movies and TV shows that are available in the United States, but he plans on expanding it to include other countries soon.
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